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All About EPF Voluntary Monthly Contribution

All About EPF Voluntary Monthly Contribution

Who Can Option to Contribute?

A) Domestic Helpers

  • Working in a residential home and employed by a private individual
  • Form KWSP 16 submitted to the EPF with a copy to the employer

(B) Foreign Citizens

  • Who are employed and whose country of domicile is outside Malaysia and who enter and stay in Malaysia temporarily under provisions of any written laws relating to immigration
  • Form KWSP 16B submitted to the EPF with a copy to the employer

Contribute More Than The Statutory Rate (Voluntary Excess)

  • The employer or the employee, or both, may choose to contribute more than the stipulated rates
  • The contribution must be paid rounded to the nearest ringgit and may not be backdated
  • The last rate that you opt for will be your new contribution rate and will remain as so until you and/or your employer submits a cancellation notice


Document Required

  • Option for Voluntary Excess
  • Revocation of Voluntary Excess



Employer opting to pay a contribution of 6% above the rate set for the employer's share



Employee opting to contribute 5% more than the employee’s share


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