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The Star: Managing Manpower In The New Normal

“With the new normal, the challenges that SMEs face will include managing work schedule changes that arise from work from home arrangements and job rotations." --- Khoo Siew Ling

WHETHER or not they were ready for work-from-home arrangements, companies were compelled to be flexible with their employees when the economic sector started shutting down back in March.

Those who did not have the tools to work remotely scrambled to find service providers who could help them as they made do with haphazard measures.

MYwave 企业社会责任_光明日报: 20萬臉罩派檳學生 

張舜慶趕製送各學校 20萬臉罩派檳學生


 檳島商人即Swift Bridge Technologies馬來西亞有限公司創辦人及董事經理張舜慶說,該公司免費提供近20萬個臉罩予州內的各源流學校,讓莘莘學子安心上課。

 他今日接受光明日報記者訪問說,為確保國家未來主人翁在後新冠肺炎疫情下的安全,該公司號召8個商家及友好出資,由Swift Bridge Technologies全力製作20萬個臉罩,並在學校開課後陸續贈送,即時會有19萬8000多名學生受惠。

MYwave Corporate Shop: 4-Ply Washable Face Mask
Disposable mask is costly in long term for any company.

If every employee is given a mask for each working day, do the maths and you may want to consider using washable mask.
It is environmental friendly too! 

MYwave is placing a bulk/group order with our reputable and reliable client in medical supplies. 

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