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Employer Pay for Reduction (e-PaR)

Employer Pay for Reduction (e-PaR)

Do you understand what the Pay for Reduction (e-PaR) initiative is?

What is e-PAR initiative?

  • Reduce Late Payment Charges by up to 70% offered to employers who have settled their outstanding contributions and dividends
  • To ease financial burden of employers to sustain, remain operational and pay EPF contributions during the pandemic

How much is the reduction of Late Payment Charges o­ffered?

  • 70% from the total outstanding of Late Payment Charges for July 2021 contribution and prior to that
  • offered to employers with cancelled status is 60% from the total outstanding of Late Payment Charges for July 2021 contribution and prior to that

Who is eligible to apply for e-PaR?

  • Private sector employers
  • Related to Late Payment Charges for the month of July 2021 Contributions (June 2021 wages) and prior
  • Ensure all outstanding matters are resolved:
  • Payment of monthly contributions up to contribution month July 2021 (June 2021 wages) are in order.
  • Payment of dividend up to July are in order (if any).
  • Late Payment Charges instalment plan are in order (if any).
  • No legal action taken by EPF

When can an e-PaR application be made?

  • Starting 13 September 2021 to 31 December 2021

How can employers apply for e-PaR?

  • Apply for e-PaR online via i-Akaun (Majikan) portal

When will the Late Payment Charges reduction be updated on i-Akaun (Majikan)?

  • From October 2021 onwards, upon full settlement of the Amount To Be Paid (Subject to bank’s clearance procedures)

When does the Amount To Be Paid need to settle?

  • Within 30 days from Approval Date
  • Offer is void if the Amount To Be Paid is not fully settled and Late Payment Charges amount will be returned to the original amount

What are benefits of e-PaR to employers?

  • Assisting employers to manage cash flow more effectively
  • Maintaining business continuity and retaining employees
  • Encouraging employers compliance to the EPF Act

For inquiries, please refer to or contact:

  • EPF official website:
  • Contact Relationship Centre: 03-89226000

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