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EPF Online Withdrawal via i-Akaun

EPF Online Withdrawal via i-Akaun

i-Akaun members can apply online for the following withdrawals through the EPF website.

i-Akaun members can apply withdrawal online through EPF website for the following withdrawals:

  • Housing Withdrawal (subject to Financial Institutions that are EPF strategic partners) 
  • Education Withdrawal (subject to Educational Institutions / Loan Providers that are EPF strategic partners)
  • Health Withdrawal (subject to Health Institutions that are EPF strategic partners)
  • Withdrawal for Age 50 Years
  • Withdrawal for Age 55 Years
  • Withdrawal for Age 60 Years; and
  • Withdrawal of Savings More Than RM 1 Million


Your application will be processed online (subject to withdrawal T&C), if you:

  • have made withdrawals with EPF within 5 years; AND 
  • withdrawal amount does not exceed RM30,000 per day (exclude payments made to EPF strategic partners)


#Importance Notice

Withdrawal for Age 50 Years is only allowed once.

Please contact EPF Contact Management Centre at 03 8922 6000 for further information.


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