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What is e-LATiH?

e-LATiH is an e-learning platform which provides Malaysians with unlimited access to more than 300 FREE online courses from over 40 reputable content providers. Malaysians can learn anything ranging from programming skills, leadership to foreign languages at their own pace.

Who is eligible for e-LATiH?

e-LATiH is open for ALL MALAYSIANS


Do I need to pay for registration or enrolment of courses?

No, you do not have to pay for registration or enrolment of courses. All courses available on e-LATiH are free of charge.


What is the minimum system requirement to access the course?

e-LATiH uses common browser-based technology - and no additional plugins or software are required beyond modern web browsers (e.g.: Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge)


  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 68 or later
  • Google Chrome: Version 76 and later
  • Safari: Version 11 and later
  • Internet Explorer: Version 11 and later
  • (we also support Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet)



How do I create my profile?

You can create a profile by signing up for an account at


Can I access e-LATiH using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can navigate to to sign up and access your learning platform.


How do I enroll in e-LATiH courses?

You can easily access by selecting and enrolling in the course you are interested in.


How do I know which course suits me?

The platform is able to suggest the suitable courses based on your selected topic of interest.


How many courses can I enroll?

You have unlimited access to all the courses on e-LATiH.


Do I have any specific time frame to start and complete a course on e-LATiH?

No, you can start learning anytime and complete a course at your own pace with no specific deadline.


Will there be any assessment for the courses on e-LATiH?

Some courses may have assessment in the form of quizzes or short assignments.


Do I receive any certificate or accreditation after completing a course?

Yes. You may receive a certificate from HRD Corp upon completing a course.

Dashboard    > “My Learning”   >  the “3 dots” next to a specific course name > view and download your certificate.


Is there any video translation or caption available?

While some videos have the option for English caption, generally all courses do not have the translation option. Please click on the CC button on the video to enable the caption.


Can I download the course video?

Download or offline features are not available.


What are the modes of courses available?

Various modes of courses are available on e-LATiH, ranging from videos, interactive programmes, presentations, and hands-on practices.






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