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Payroll Outsourcing Malaysia

Your team needs to be paid the right amount on time. When they do, it’s one less thing to complain about but when they don’t, it can become a morale issue.

It seems simple but the truth is many companies lack the skills, tools and experience to run smooth and efficient payroll, and when payroll does not run smoothly, significant time and energy can be wasted by all employees affected.

6 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Services in Malaysia

1. Time Saved
2. Money Saved 
3. Avoid Penalties
4. Enhanced Security
5. The Expertise Of Professionals
6. Avoid Hassle & Pain  
 Payroll Outsourcing Malaysia

MYwave’s approach to outsource payroll ensures accuracy, automation and employee self-service.

Our aim with outsource payroll is to improve efficiencies and speed up problem resolution as and when issues occur.

Our outsource payroll is uniquely integrated into our cloud based HR solution ‘EmplX’.

It means once you outsource payroll, you get good services and FREE Cloud HR System ! 

By integrating, we automate information flow required for payroll, we enable employee self-service (ESS) and at the same time we are able to off load the manual processes from your own employees and take care of them for you.

We handle:

  • Long term Payroll Outsource
  • Short term / Ad hoc Payroll Outsource:
    • Backup during maternity or sick leave
    • Backup during company M&A transition
    • Backup during cease operations
    • Setup for start-up operations (statutory setup, pay policies)

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services include:

  • Handle basic to complex rules and calculation
  • Verification of attendance (through E-Time for multiple locations)
  • Confirmation of overtime hours (through E-OT)
  • Generate payroll reports for verification/approval from clients
  • Online bank text file (multiple banks)
  • Online fund transfer or payment submission (statutory) - EPF, SOCSO, TAX, HDRF, CPF, IRAS & others
  • Payroll and Statutory reporting for submission purposes
  • Generate GL file for finance usage
  • Generate E-Payslip and other related statutory reporting (if applicable)

Our Payroll Outsourcing services are able to cater for just a handful of employees and scale up to large enterprises. Our global business services outsourcing team, supports payroll outsourcing needs for Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines (coming up). The whole package includes free cloud HR system that encourages self-service (ESS) at client place, to simplify the data collection process.

Click on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on MYwave Professional Payroll Outsourcing Services to understand more on Payroll Outsourcing.  

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