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MYwave is a specialist HR Solutions Company.

Our founders and our team are experts in the field of HR and people development. As a group, we are totally passionate about enabling our clients to manage and motivate their people.

In the words of our CEO “Invest in Your People and Your People Will Invest in you“ , we don’t just believe this, we practice it. It’s a mantra that guides the MYwave team each and every day.

Headquarter office based in Malaysia, MYwave was founded in 2005 and was granted MSC status by the Malaysian Government in 2006.

Our flagship product ‘EmplX’ is a cloud based HRM solution which we launched in 2008. Our aim then and remains so now, is to deliver affordable solutions enabling any company, large or small to implement world class processes to manage and develop their greatest asset – their people.

In 2011, EmplX was awarded ISO 15408 Certification ensuring clients with the most stringent security compliance regulations are able to use EmplX with complete confidence. Today we have extended our compliance certifications to include numerous verticals and geographies. EmplX is proven time and again to be a globally certified secure cloud based HR solution. In 2020, EmplX was awarded ISO 27001:2013 Certification (Certificate No: ISMS 00358).

MYwave believes in “practicing what you preach” to that end we continually developing our own people. In doing so, we have been able to expand the services that we offer. In 2009, we started offering HR services to complement our software solution. Today, we offer HR Outsourcing, HR Consulting and Payroll Outsourcing in addition to EmplX.

We are proud to have over 52,000 subscribers to our software and services in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines etc. We remain clear on the fact that every one of these subscribers is a person to whom we have a connection. Our intention is to use that connection to proliferate our goal of helping people to help people in the work place.

MYwave develops tools that simplify, automate and makes efficient the process of managing people. But much more than that, we provide the skills, expertise and solutions that enable you to empower, improve and develop your own people.